Ministry Appreciation Week
Celebrating ministries around Australia!

Ministry Appreciation Week
, the third week of October, celebrates the great ministries happening around Australia
and the hard workers behind them. Churches, clergy families, Christian media, organisations, and charities, theological colleges; there are some amazing things happening and
we want to celebrate them!

Join our Ministry Appreciation Week events and activities
or celebrate your ministry with family, friends or your team wherever you are in your own way. Share your celebrations
using the hashtag #celebratingministry on social media or
send us a photo!



What's On in 2018...

Details available in August

For more details and ideas, click here.

* Nominate a group, organisation, individual, or
family to receive an ACF thank-you package!

* Celebrate & Share: celebrate with your community
and share a picture using the hashtag #celebratingministry

* Join our events throughout the week including a
webinar, shout outs and giveaways (find us on Facebook)