Moving House? Going on holidays? Heading off on mission? Take these with you!

Current Fave: Finders Keepers!

Finders Keepers!
Who doesn't love a treasure hunt?! If you're moving house, use this yummy trick to make unpacking more tasty!

Unpacking boxes after a big move just got interesting...

You Need
A bag of skittles, fantails, lollipops (or a mix!)
Half packed boxes!

Tip: Make sure the treats are individually wrapped so they don't melt or stick to things! You can also hide them for other people in your family to find as a nice surprise!

Step 1: As you're packing boxes, hide lollies inside random boxes! Maybe inside a wrapped jug, at the end of a
shoe, taped to the inside of a lunchbox…it's up to you!

Step 2: Once you've moved house, start unpacking and see if you can remember where they're hidden!  Any lolly you find, you keep (or you can share them if you're feeling generous!)!

Challenge Level Up: Time how long it takes to find them all. Keep it as a new record for moving!

Friend Code Cracker
Stay in touch with your friends using this secret code. Great in email and letters - just make sure they have the code!

You Need

A pen & paper
2 copies of the Friend Code Cracker (one for you, one for a friend)

PK Passport
Next time you're off somewhere new, bring this great PK Passport for a real tour of the senses!

You Need
Pens and pencils
A printed copy of this passport
Bits throughout your adventure (see passport!)

Wrist Bands
If you're moving out of town, or going to a new church, make these and swap them with a friend before you leave :)
You Need
2 different coloured embroidery threads (find at craft stores)
Sticky tape
Challenge Level Up: Small coloured beads