Rules For Reverends

Written by Matt

Observational humour, at its best, is the art of seeing what is strange and slightly
ridiculous about life and the world and engaging with it gently - and “Rules for Reverends”
does this elegantly. This fun, light-hearted coffee table book presents the reality of clergy
life, with all its quirks and contradictions, in short pithy statements and excellent cartoons!

It covers a range of topics from organisational eccentricities to the day to day of pastoral care with the sick or those in need. Some of my favourites (with appropriately confused looking figures) include:

On Worship: The tiptoeing thing people do when they’re late into church? It doesn’t work.”
On Special Events: What they don’t teach you at Theological College is how to hold a
plate and a glass of wine and a fork at the same time. They really should.

On Handling Public Events:Please remember to switch your mobile phones back on at
the end of the service’ - that's a neat way to do it.

Calling this a book of ‘rules’ could be off-putting to those who are already feeling the
pressure of too many expectations, but it seems that Fletcher is exploring the rules that
are already there, rather than writing a fresh list to burden clergy with.

I hope that the title does not put you off, as it really is an excellent and humourous book.
It’s a reassuring and encouraging read that treats honestly what can be difficult about the
job without seeming bitter or unfair. Rules for Reverends has the tone of an experienced clergy passing on sage advice about how things usually are, along with pictures by well-known church cartoonist, Dave Walker.

While it's written with clergy in mind, its insights could be a great, affordable resource for
the whole family - and would make a great gift if you know someone entering ministry.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy try this website.