Are you and your friends up for the challenge? 
Give these a go next time you catch up!

Current Fave: Laser Maze
Laser Maze
You gotta be fast and bendy to win this game!

You Need
Coloured wool or string                                                
Blu-Tac or sticky tape                                      
Prizes (freddos or skittles are great!)                                    
A large space or hallway


Step One:
Invent a maze worthy of you and your mate's skills! Using the wool/string and blu-tac/tape make a zig-zagging maze across a room or in the hallway. Go up and down, around tables, under chairs, the sky's the limit!
Tip: Make sure there's enough space to get through the gaps! (check out our picture)

Step Two: Work out a start and finish line. Put a prize at the finish line,

Step Three: Grab a stopwatch and Go! Take turns racing through to reach the other side and grab the prize.
Fastest racer holds the new record that you all have to beat. Warning: The prize is only yours IF you don't touch
any of the laser wires!

 Challenge Level Up: Not tricky enough? Try adding hanging obstacles on the wire that you can't touch! #pkplace

Marble Race
Build it and race it! Transform your house or garden into a marble racing track. Better yet, make two to race!
You Need
A marble or small ball
Cardboard rolls, cartons, juice bottles, boxes etc
Sticky tape


With your friends, come up with the longest and most inventive race track using cardboard rolls, cartons, bottles, tables, boxes, whatever you can get your hands on! Try to include using a table, making tunnels, dropping the marble from a height and running it along a wooden plank or ruler. Once finished, measure how long your marble race track is - our length record is 4 metres! Time how long it takes your marble to get from one end to the other and see if you can make it longer! Tip: Work with gravity, it'll help the ball keep moving.

If you have the room, make two race tracks of the SAME length and see whose marble finishes first!

Challenge Level Up: Work in a lever system or try using dominoes to hit the marble to keep it moving!

Mini ChocCake Marvels 
Love pancakes? Make a pile of these to have with your friends. You get 12 mini pancakes from this recipe. Yum!

    You Nee                                             Also These
    1 egg                                                  Whisk
    1 cup of milk                                       Tablespoon
    1 cup of plain flour                              Frying Pan
    1 pinch of salt                                     Egg flip
     ½ a cup of chocolate chips                Mixing Bowl

Instructions                                                 Chef's Tip: Got stuck? No worries; ask mum or dad for a hand!
Step 1: Add milk, flour, salt and egg into a mixing bowl and whisk it all up until smooth

Step 2: Stir through the chocolate chips

Step 3: Heat up a frying pan. When it's hot, add a bit of margarine and wait for it to melt then swirl it around the pan!

Step 4: Dollop a tablespoon of ChocCake mixture into the pan (you can make 3 ChocCakes at a time!). When it starts to bubble, carefully flip it over (it should be brown and gooey!). Wait 30 seconds for it cook then lift it out of the frypan.

Step 5: Take turns cooking ChocCakes until you use up all the mixture

Step 6: Eat! (Tip: They're even better with ice cream!) 

  Challenge Level Up: Once you've all mastered chocolate, invent your own flavoured Cakes! #pkplace

Newspaper Throw
A challenge for the brave! Grab your friends and see if you can break our record; it's not as easy as it looks!

You Need

Newspaper, scrap paper or old magazines
A small plastic cup (half filled with cold water)
Measuring tape or chalk
Masking tape

Instructions Goal: To knock the cup of water off the Balancer's head!
                      Who's up for being the Balancer? Everyone else is a Thrower!

Step 1: Scrunch up a bunch of newspaper, old magazines or scrap paper.

Step 2: Mark an X using tape or chalk where the Balancer is going to stand, then using a measuring tape,
             mark another line 3 metres away.

Step 3: The Balancer stands on the X, balances a cup of water on their head and stands still.
             Tip: Pick a flat part of your head!

Step 3: The Throwers stand behind the 3 metre line and have 3 turns each to knock the cup off the Balancer's
head using the scrunched up newspaper! The Balancer wins if noone knocks the cup off their head or the
Thrower who knocks the cup off wins.

Step 4: Then, swap places!

Challenge Level Up: How far back can you get and still knock the cup over? 4 meters? 7 meters?!
Our record to beat: 4.5 metres

PK Bingo
How many of these things have you and your friends done? Race to get all the signatures!

  You Need
  A pen
  A printed copy of the Bingo sheet

Challenge Level Up: Can you get all the signatures from people at church?

Tippin' Table
Calling all inventors! A table strong enough to hold a cup of water using only straw and newspaper, impossible?!
You Need (you'll need a judge/timer/parent!)
100 Plastic or paper straws

Masking tape
Old newspaper or magazines
Plastic cup filled with water

Instructions                  Goal: Build the highest, strongest table in 8 minutes that can hold up a cup of water!

Step One: Split into two teams and grab 50 straws, some old newspaper and some masking tape.

Step Two: On 'Go', the judge/Mum or Dad starts the clock! Work together to come up with a design that you
reckon will hold up a cup. You have 8 MINUTES!

Step Three: When the Judge/Mum or Dad calls 'Stop', time's up! The judge brings around a cup of water and tests your tippin' table to see if it can hold a cup of water up for 30 seconds. Closest to that time - and the highest table, wins!

Challenge Level Up: Make a table that's as long and low as possible while still holding a cup of water
not touching the ground. Want to play with more people? Add extra supplies for more people!