*New clergy family research available online and in print!*

Who Is ACF?

We began in 2014 with a small idea and a lot of prayer! After years of seeing the ministry life from all angles, we came to realise that few professions in Australia hold such a unique blend of joys and challenges that impact not just those in ministry but also their families.

Being called to a life in ministry can be a wonderful blessing, but it is also a lifestyle which comes with challenges, sacrifices, and hardships that often many clergy families carry alone. We wanted to be there with them for the ups, downs and everydays, sharing in ministry and family life*.

Since then, we've worked towards creating a community for clergy, clergy couples, and clergy families where they can connect with others in ministry, access quality resources, and be supported and encouraged wherever they are around Australia and in their own journey.

By God's grace, we're now an inter-denominational community of support and encouragement. We've had the privilege of sharing life with hundreds of Australian clergy and their families and look forward to meeting many more in the years to come!

What Do We Do?

Supporting Clergy & Their Families by equipping them with professional supports where needed, conducting research exploring clergy family life, providing a Library of reviewed resources, and advocating for clergy family needs and well being.

Connecting Clergy & Their Families to a welcoming online ministry community (including the PK Place for school-aged clergy kids) and a wide range of online and practical resources. We are also available each week for prayer and support through Facebook and email.

Encouraging Clergy & Their Families by celebrating Ministry Appreciation Week, thanking them for their ministry with our Relax Packs, and creating spaces for encouragement and fun such as our Rejuven8 Room and our Resource Giveaways.

Our supports and resources are available free-of-charge or 
at low cost.

Meet Our Team

ACF is based in Melbourne and run by Matt & Rachel Stevens, with the help of Dave and some amazing volunteers. 

Meet Matt! He studied science at Melbourne University and is a graduate of Ridley Theological College. Before co-founding Australian Clergy Families, Matt worked for 8 years with children and families as a lay children’s minister, ACCESS Chaplain, and ministry leader in a range of camps and outreach programs. He's passionate about clergy families enjoying ministry life together. When not at ACF, Matt enjoys quoting his favourite authors at his long-suffering wife - sorry Rachel!

Meet Rachel! She's a trained Health Promotion consultant & graduate of Ridley Theological College
. While Rachel has worked as a lay youth minister and volunteered for many ministries, she also grew up as an Australian clergy child and has worked closely with clergy families for nearly 4 years. She's passionate about clergy families being heard, supported, and accepted as they are. When she's not at ACF, Rachel can be found hunting for Melbourne's best hot chocolate.

Meet Dave! He helps out around the place in different ways particularly with our website, the PK Place, and Relax Packs. When he's not at ACF, you'll find him studying Psychology, being a professional musician, and earning the love of local pigeons :)

We are available for talks and group sessions. The ACF team hold current Working with Children Checks.

* We support a diverse range of people in ministry across Australia, including clergy workers, couples, families, student ministers, and retirees. Clergy encompasses all denominations and their respective positions in ministry. While we use the term clergy, the profession of minister also go by titles such as pastor, preacher, priest, vicar and others.