Adam to Zebedee (A-Z)

Dive into the Bible with these coders, gamers, 
crackers and crafts! 

Current Fave: Funky Bible

Funky Bible
A fun new way to read and decorate your bible! Try out our creative designs and make up your own.
Funky Bible Inspiration
You Need
Your bible (or print outs of your favourite verses or stories)
Pencils, textas, pens, paint (whatever you like using!)
Some music you love

Step One: This is a fun way to bring your favourite bible stories and verses to life! Find a verse, story or passage
in your bible and read through it. What stands out to you? What do you like about it? Does a picture or word come to mind?

Step Two: Start decorating your bible! Turn on some music, and start drawing around the verse or story you
like with your own pictures, words, ideas and colours. If you're reading about Joshua and the promised land,
you could draw grapes. Or if it's a story about Esther, you could draw a crown - it's up to you! :)
Tip: You can always do some test runs on a print out copy first.

Step Three: Mastered the first steps? Give one of our PK Verse Challenges a go or try using a different medium, maybe explore painting, scrapbooking or even graffiti styles of drawing!

Challenge Level Up: Print out a favourite verse or story, decorate and frame it to hang on your wall.

Mystery Bible Code
Crack this tricky code to reveal the hidden message inside 1 Corinthians 12!

You Need
A pen or pencil
A printed copy of Mystery Bible Code

Who Said That?!
Adam? Joshua? Esther? Zebedee? Who said what, and is it a real quote?! Hint: You can use your bible!

Get ready for an epic battle of the wits with this Bible Trivia Night! Grab some friends and a bible to see who win's the trophy - let us know who wins!

14-Point Star
An epic Did You Know that even we didn't know! Find out this odd fact about Christmas and made your own 3D star!
You Need
A pen or pencil
A printed copy of 14 Point Star template and instructions
Scissors, glue and ribbon (see instructions!)
Decorative bits (also see instructions!)