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Winter Warmers with Alison

We interviewed Alison, a minister's wife and clergy mum from Victoria. We asked her about life in
ministry and beyond, particularly in the colder seasons. Thanks Alison, we loved chatting to you!

Q: We know being a minister's wife is one part of your life; what
do you enjoy doing with your time?

A: I love to read and write, I love to cook, and most of all I love to spend time with the people I love. A perfect day for me is cooking up a big feast and having the whole family come over to enjoy each other's company and share the meal together.

Q: What's a verse that's encouraged you in the harder seasons of ministry?

A: At any and all times, whether in a specific ministry context or any part of my life, there are two passages I always come back to: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor 12:9. This verse has comforted and spurred me on at so many times in my life when I've felt at my lowest ebb. The second passage was my grandmother's favourite - Psalm 139. For me, verses 7-10 are especially significant - there is nowhere I can go that my God is not there before, beside and around me. 

Q: What's your favourite way to pass a cold, wintery day when you
have time off?

A: I love to read, and on those glorious free days when it's cold outside you'll find me curled up with our cats and our dog, reading a good book and drinking lots of tea!

Q: You've lived in a few different clergy homes during winter! 
What's your best 'staying warm' tip?!

A: A pot of soup on the stove, warm slippers and dressing gowns for everybody, hot
chocolates and, you guessed it, good books to read or fun games to play. If your vicarage happens to have an open fire, as a couple of ours did, that's a real treat. And finally, practising hospitality - having an open, welcoming home makes it warm inside no matter what the weather is doing outside!