For Churches

Want to Support or Encourage Your Clergy Family?
Here are some Helpful Ideas!

Stop for Coffee: Ask them out for a coffee, pop by to see how they're going, or invite them for dinner. It really is the little things that bring the biggest smiles :)

Learn more about clergy family life. Read our latest Australian research, browse through our Library or try some of these great articles.

Order a Relax Pack for a ministry individual, couple, or family as a nice surprise!

Ministry isn't always an easy road. Take a moment to ask your minister, ministry couple, or clergy family what they would like prayer for, particularly for their family, health and ministry.

Help us find the best ways to connect and support those in ministry by contributing to our clergy family projects and research. We'd love your help! 

We're in the process of developing some great resources for churches, and professionals who care for clergy and their families. More details in early 2018.