Clergy Life

We hope these provide you with some food for thought and inspire some thought-provoking conversations. We'll continue adding reviewed articles regularly to the Clergy Library.

*new* 5 Ways For Church Leaders To Recharge After Christmas
An inspiring and easy-read article with refreshing ways to relax (we loved 'get swept away by a good book'...)

A great list of advice from seasoned clergy. Finances, leadership, and dating your spouse are in the top 10.
An Australian paper. Worth a read for ideas on managing burnout and stress.

Are Clergy Hours Fair?
How many hours do Clergy work? Is that reasonable?

A favourite article of ours about understanding Clergy burnout.

Do Clergy Need A Union?
Asking the question about the working conditions of clergy and if a Union would assist them.

Those Who Flourish in Ministry Are Intentional About Their Well-Being
Current research exploring how clergy cope with and enjoy their ministry journey.

Could Your Pastor Be Close To Burn Out?

An easy-to-read article about clergy work hours. Great insights from the UK.

Self-Care Vs Self-Medicating
A wonderful US article on ways clergy try to cope with stress using self-medication, and exploring self-care to avoid burnout.
*new* How Clergy Became Scapegoats of the Sex Abuse Crisis
An honest look at the recent sex abuse crisis in Australian churches and how it may affect clergy and church communities in the future.

A Six-Step Strategy on How to Say No...Nicely
A great article for one of the hardest aspects of ministry! Helpful and kind ideas that are easy to implement.

Clergy & A Happy Workforce

A summary of research into what affects the performance and enjoyment of various occupations.

Stressors of Pastors and Leaders
Worth a read if you're interested in understanding more about burnout and supporting clergy.

A fun and honest skit on a day in the life of a clergy worker!