We enjoy working closely with ministry and church communities around Australia. This year, with the help of current research, clergy families, ministry communities and psychologists we're introducing a new range of community resources! We hope and pray that they'll be helpful as you
journey through ministry together.


Ministry Appreciation Week

Celebrated every 3rd week of October around Australia!


Ministry & Clergy Families
A 3-part discussion series for churches, ministry communities and support groups looking at key aspects of ministry and family life. Free to download

Ministry at Home
New community resource available soon. Guide to Ministry at Home.

Doing Ministry Together
Read our latest research exploring the joys and
challenges of life in an
Australian clergy family.
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Discussions & Seminars
Skype, podcasts, conferences and seminars, we're available to discuss supports, ministry, clergy families & community life. Contact Us

Best Picks
We've found a great range
of helpful gifts, books and resources for clergy families
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