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Best Picks

We've done some hunting and found a great range of gifts, books and suggestions - many which come recommended by clergy families! Click on a link to read more.

Great Reads

*Community Resource: Breathing Room by Andy Stanley.
Review coming soon!*

A Clergy Husband's Survival Guide
A down-to-earth, practical resource for balancing work, ministry and everyday life. Great as a welcoming gift! We've had great reviews from clergy and their families.

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Gift Ideas

       5 Unique Gifts for your Pastor and Church Staff
       Childcare gift cards, prayer pledges and (our
       favourite) ministry highlight letters. Great for
       Christmas, birthdays or just as an encouragement
       in a busy or stressful time.

Pastoral Care & Support

20 Ways To Encourage Your Pastor
Thankyou cards, mandatory holidays, gift certificate to financial planners - 20 ideas we love to support clergy, their families and others in ministry.

        6 Ways To Serve Your Pastor’s Wife On A Sunday
        Coffee on Sunday, a hand with the kids, and
        prayer just for her - read this great article for
        some helpful support ideas.

How Churches Can Care For Their Pastor’s Children
Churches are a wonderful source of support for PKs, particularly when they encourage and build up them up as members of the church. This article has some helpful support ideas for clergy children you might know.

You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes
A fun and useful guidebook for any ministry wife involved in ministry. Great as a welcoming gift, practical resource or a conversation starter in a support group.

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Ministry Moments Gift
Designed to be a record of encouraging ministry moments and people met, include a journel, pen, bookmark, hot drink and a note from you. Great as a welcoming gift, to encourage your group or thank a leadership team. Read our review or contact us for ideas.

A hilarious and helpful movie looking at the challenges of new experiences, moving house, and working out how you feel about something new.
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