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With such a wealth of resources for those in ministry and their ministry communities, this Directory takes you straight to these supports, made publically available by each denominational office. 
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Australian Capital Territory

Baptist Churches of ACT & NSW

Presbyterian Church ACT

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New South Wales

Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT

Presbyterian Church NSW

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Northern Territory

Baptist Union
of Northern Territory

Uniting Church Northern Synod


Queensland Baptists

Presbyterian Church of Queensland

South Australia

Baptist Churches of SA

Presbyterian Church of SA


Tasmanian Baptists

Presbyterian Church of Tasmania


Baptist Union
of Victoria

Presbyterian Church of Victoria

Western Australia

Baptist Churches Western Australia

Uniting Church Synod of Western Australia

Churches of Christ in ACT & NSW
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Uniting Church Synod of

Churches of Christ in NSW & ACT

Uniting Church Synod of

Churches of
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Anglican Diocese of Northern Territory

Churches of Christ in QLD

Uniting Church Synod of Queensland

Churches of

Uniting Church Synod of South Australia

Churches of Christ in Tas & Vic

Uniting Church Synod of Tas & Vic

Churches of Christ in Victoria & Tasmania

Uniting Church Synod of Vic & Tas

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Churches of Christ in Western Australia Inc

Lutheran Church ACT & NSW District
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Anglican Diocese of ACT

Lutheran Church, NSW & ACT District

Lutheran Church, NT & SA District

Lutheran Church, QLD District

Lutheran Church, SA & NT District

Anglican Diocese of

Lutheran Church, Tas & Vic District
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Anglican Church of Tasmania

Lutheran Church, Vic & Tas District

Presbyterian Church of Western Australia