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Our Research

Doing Ministry Together The results of our clergy family research which explores how ministry affects clergy families in Australia.

Being a Clergy Family

The Needs of Ministry Leaders & Their Families: A Review A helpful article discussing the stresses clergy face and the impact it has on their families.

Pastors May Not Have a Realistic View of the Health of Their Own Families
An interesting read about ministry families & how clergy view their family compared to others.


6 Ways To Help Stretch The Budget A collection of ideas to make a low ministry income go that little bit further!

6 Tips to Make Christmas Less Stressful Some clever tips for the Christmas season.

How To Stop Saying I'm Sorry To Your Family A compassionate approach to help balance the time challenges between family and ministry commitments using the When This, Then That rule!

Moving For Ministry

4 Helpful Moving Resources Tips to make moving easier for the whole family.

Family Time

30 Ways To Spend More Time With Your Family A great general resource applicable to the ministry lifestyle! For our top 7, click here.

7 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Family
Some fresh ideas to add to your families' routine.

5 Reasons It's Worth Celebrating! What do you celebrate as a family? Here's some reasons why it's a good idea to enjoy your successes!

From Other Clergy Families

Stuff That Needs To Be Said (If I Have Gay Children) A sensitive article written by a pastor and dad who tackles difficult subjects through his blog. This article addresses his thoughts, promises and the issue of bullying.

Books & Resources

Book: The Pastors' Family A challenging and insightful read on how priorities can affect the pastors' family.

App: QT A helpful app to give you ways to bring your family together.

5 Love Languages for Families A classic but excellent online tool to learn more about expressing love within your family.