See if Mum, Dad, your brother, sister, dog, or pet budgie are up for the challenge! 

Current Fave: Googley-Eye Challenge (see our video!)

Chef's Challenge
A new spin on Family Dinner Night! You never know, maybe marshmellows taste delicious with spaghetti!

Mission: Create a brand new meal with mystery ingredients you each pick out!

Step 1: Decide together if you're making dinner or dessert.

Step 2: Head to the grocery store and take turns finding ONE ingredient each for your mystery dinner.
It could be anything you want; grapes. biscuits, bacon, tim's your choice! Tip: For extra fun, keep
your ingredient a secret or set a time limit - everyone has to find their ingredient in 5 minutes.

Step 3: Once you get home, put all the ingredients on the table and work out what you're going to make.
With the help of some extra ingredients (milk, flour, eggs, pasta, rice etc), come up with a brand new recipe!

Step 4: Now comes the Chef's Challenge; make your delicious new meal! Give every chef a job of their own
and put it altogether at the end.

Step 5:
Snap a photo of your new meal (#pkplace) - and eat. Happy Cooking!

Challenge Level Up: Start up a Family Chef's Challenge recipe book with all your new recipes! #pkplace

Googley-Eye Challenge
What weird and wacky things can you find to put these eyes on?! Try this on your next holiday!
You Need
Blu Tac
A printed set of Googley Eyes (or one set each!)


Get creative! When you're out and about, try putting these on posts, letterboxes, fences, books, even burgers! The sky's the limit! Don't forget to snap a picture - and vote who has the weirdest, funniest or most inventive! Want some inspiration? Check out what we did with the Googley-Eye Challenge here!

Movie Night Bingo
Next Family Movie Night, watch this great movie and see who can find all these things first!

You Need
A pen or texta
Printed copies of the Inside Out Bingo card
A prize!

Quicksand Goo
A science experiment that will have you up to your elbows in goo! Try different colours for everyone in your family!

You Need
2 mixing bowls
1 cup of cornstarch/cornflour
1/2 cup of water
Different coloured food dyes

Step One
: Put the cornstarch into your mixing bowl.

Step Two: Start stirring the cornstarch and as you stir, SLOWLY add the water until it looks a bit like pancake
mixture (not too runny!). Don't worry if it gets too runny, add more cornstarch. If it's too thick, add more water!

Step Three: Once you have your goo, split it up evenly into 2 bowls. Then dye each one the colour of your choice.

Step Four: You're ready to experiment! Put your hands in the QuickSand and see what happens...

What Happens When...
You roll QuickSand into a ball and then let it go?
You throw some onto the bench?
You smack the QuickSand with your hand?
You drop it from a height?
You squeeze it between your fingers?
Can you play catch with it?

             Challenge Level Up: Find a way to make the QuickSand bounce around. #pkplace

Scavenger Hunt
Find it then make it! You never know what you'll find. Try this as a race or do it together.
You Need
Pens or textas
Printed copies of the PK Place Scavenger Hunt (1 or one each!)
Things for inventing: glue, scissors, sticky tape, glitter etc

Tip: Great when visiting new places!

Whirly Gigs
These are great any time of the day! Race them, colour them and throw them from a height!
You Need
Pens, pencils, textas
Blu Tac
A printed copy of the Whirly Gig template and instructions