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Browse our collection of Australian and international websites that discuss ministry, church, and family life. We personally follow and enjoy each of these websites and hope you will too.

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A hospitality blog of delicious, easy, affordable meals from a clergy wife with a passion for ministering at home. Get Inspired

Topical discussions with clergy from around Australia about a wide range of ministry, church and family subjects. Start Listening

A resource website of topical, biblical, and theological articles and inspiration for churches and clergy 

A website for clergy and churches about navigating and using technology and social media for ministry.
Get Inspired

A range of ministry, church life, and clergy family books and resources, posted Australia-wide. Have A Look

Weekly free and low-fee resources, supports and inspiration for churches and clergy. Get Inspired


An encouraging and resourceful page for clergy
wives from a clergy and missionary wife.

A topical podcast discussing PK life, important choices, and personal stories. 20+ podcasts online.

A resource and insights website designed to help clergy and churches by exploring topical issues, family life, effective ministry, and leadership. Start Reading
Author, blogger, and pastor mentoring clergy and
church leadership teams on leading well, navigating change, and embracing personal growth. Get Inspired