Great fun when there's a meeting on, or after church, or when you've finished your homework! Download below

Current Fave: Figure It Out

Dot Chase
The unexpected puzzle! Can you find these pictures in the dots? Try easy or go up a level to hard!

You Need
Pens, pencils or textas
A printed copy of Dot Chase 

Figure It Out
The people hold all the clues. Keep a sharp eye out for shoes and elbows to work out the secret message.

You Need
A pen or pencil
A printed copy of Figure It Out

Minecraft Door Hanger
Love Minecraft? Make your character come to life with this great bedroom door hanger!
You Need
Pens, pencils, textas or paint
Printed copy of your door hanger (try printing on card or thick paper)

Mystery Pics
What do these 6 pictures have in common? Find out by following the clue trail!
Tip: Print in colour or print page 1 and look at the pictures on a computer!

You Need
A pen or pencil
A printed copy of Mystery Pics

PK Colour It
If you love colouring and drawing, these pictures have been made just for you :)

We had some great artists make these pictures up for you.

You can colour them, make them into cards or hang them on your wall!

Happy Colouring!

Click on a picture to download