Ministry Life

We hope these provide you with some food for thought and inspire some thought-provoking conversations. We'll continue adding reviewed articles regularly to the Ministry Library.

The results of our clergy family research which explores what life is like in a clergy family and the affect ministry has on spouses and children in Australia.

A great article written by a seasoned clergy worker. Helpful advice if your church is struggling with difficult issues.

10 Critical Self Care Strategies
A fabulous check list for looking after yourself! Easy to use and print: Self Care ADG 2011

Stressful or traumatic times can be made a little easier, here are some ideas that may help.

Planning for Ministry and Life
Planning for a Happy New Year in 2017 in both ministry and life.

Don't Explore The Flower Cupboard Without Prayer & Fasting (Review)
A lighthearted and honest book about the realities of working in Christian ministry.
A great look at some of the common cultural influences on churches and ministry in the era of the internet.

*new* Handling Change
An encouraging read from a seasoned ministry wife, with some wise advice about embracing change - particularly with a sense of humour!

A fantastic test that helps you understand how your self-care plan
is going and tweak it where needed.


Discusses major ministry stresses and how clergy face them. Also has some great self-check in questions and direction.

S.T.O.P. A While For Christmas
A few hints on how to relax a little in amongst the busy Christmas routine.

Relaxation In Ministry Life
Why and how to hit the 'pause' button.

An honest article about how pastors (and we also know clergy families) are affected when people leave their church and what the writer learned through his experiences.
Learn the culture, understand your own expectations and the churches, and be yourself are some of the helpful suggestions Dan recommends when starting at a new church

*new* The Characteristics of Spiritual Abuse
Written by an Australian clergy worker, this excellent guide is a great tool for understanding spiritual abuse and ways to tackle it.

Clergy Appreciation Month
It's great see how others encourage their clergy each year!

Those Who Flourish in Ministry Are Intentional About Their Well-Being
Current research exploring how clergy cope with and enjoy their ministry journey.

Commentary on Nehemiah
A sample text from a website with excellent free commentaries.

Powerful Leadership
A thought-provoking resource about clergy leadership from the US.

Ministry At Home: 5 Ways To
Stay Bug Free!
A few thoughts on avoiding sickness when visitors come to call.