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Being a PK parent isn't easy. Juggling family, ministry and often work - it's challenging. Which is why we want to support and encourage you as you journey through ministry as a family; you’re doing an incredible job! So whether it’s reviews on great family movies, praying for you or your family throughout the week, interviewing Australian PK parents, or articles and resources, you'll find it in the PK Parent Portal.

About The PK Place

We're grateful to have learnt so much from our survey of Australian PKs, as well as PK parents. Over 50% of clergy kids (PKs) we interviewed suggested that younger PKs might find it helpful to meet and hang out together while their parents were in ministry. They also shared with us the many joys and challenges of being a PK, particularly how much they enjoyed the diverse
ministry communities they were part of but also how ministry
stress can impact their family (read more).

We’re passionate about clergy families enjoying ministry life together and this is what the PK Place is all about. It focuses on supporting and connecting PKs and clergy families with a range of fun activities and games for different parts of ministry and family life (visit Jive), as well as fun and helpful resources (visit Jazz) and information about being a PK (visit PK Life).

Matt chats about The PK Place

We’ll be publishing our new research paper, Supporting School-Aged Clergy Kids, soon. If you’re interested in the results, we can email you a copy when it’s available.

We’re committed to a safe and fun environment for all PKs and their families and maintain recent Working With Children checks as part of our Australian Clergy Families policy. To learn more about us, visit our About Page here.

If you have any questions, ideas, prayer requests, or just want to say hi, please feel free to contact either Matt or myself.


Matt & Rachel Stevens
PK Place Leaders

*Note: Anything we share through the PK Place or Parent Portal is not a paid endorsement.
We've researched them, tried them out and thought you and your kids might enjoy them!*