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About The PK Place

We learnt a lot from Australian PKs in our latest research. Over 50% of clergy kids (PKs) that we interviewed told us that they wanted PKs to have the opportunity to meet and hang out while their parents were in ministry. They also shared with us the many joys and challenges of being a PK, particularly the impact that ministry stress can have on their family and how important it is to be supported and understood as they grow up (read more).

We're passionate about clergy families enjoying ministry life together and this is what the PK Place is all about! The PK Place focuses on Connecting with other PKs (TAG it); Enjoying Time with Family & Friends (SNAP it); and Talking about the Ups & Downs of being a PK (PK Life). As part of the new PK Place,
we're also introducing the Parent Portal.

Parent Portal

If you're the parent of a PK, we want to encourage & support you as you journey through ministry as a family; you’re doing such an important job! Whether it's reviews on the latest family movie, praying for you throughout the week, or sharing articles and resources we come across, you'll find it here in the Parent Portal!

We'd also love your help. As the PK Place is the first of its kind in
Australia, we want to make sure it's the best place it can be! We'd love to learn from you so if you have any recommendations, suggestions, ideas or resources you've found helpful, please contact us! We'll also have the results of our recent survey "Supporting School-Aged Clergy Kids & Their Families" available very soon on our Publications page.

We're committed to a safe and fun environment for all PKs and maintain recent Working With Children checks as part of our Australian Clergy Family policy. To learn more about us or ACF, visit the About page.

If you have any questions, ideas or just want to say hi, please feel free to
either Rachel or myself; it would be great to hear from you.

Matt Stevens
(PK Place Leader)