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Our Research

Doing Ministry Together
The results of our clergy family research which
explores how ministry affects clergy spouses and
children in Australia

Being A Clergy Child (PK)

Prodigal Pastor Kids: Fact or Fiction?
Great information on PKs & faith.

7 Things We Learned From Pastor's Kids Some helpful insights from US researcher Thom Rainer about the ups and downs of clergy kid life and what that taught him.

“Preacher’s Kids are the Worst”: Results of a Survey Among Dutch Clergy Children Research done with thousands of PKs about their experiences. A great read
if you'd like to know more about being a PK.

*New* 5 Things Every Pastor's Kid Should Know A great conversation starter with some important truths about being a clergy kid.

Caring For Clergy Children

7 Things A Pastor’s Kid Needs From A Father A helpful list from a clergy child about how pastors can show their kids they matter & teach them about the bible.

Preacher's Kids: Their Unique Challenges & Battles Some helpful advice from a seasoned clergy and parent about caring for PKs through actions and words, and the benefits they enjoy from ministry.

Stress & Life Satisfaction Of Children Of Clergy Great research about the stresses PKs experience with some ideas on facing them.

Pastor's Kids: In & Out An excellent article based on clergy child research about the reasons for staying or leaving church as an adult, and the influence of clergy parents in these ministry situations.

Clergy Kids: Give Them A Break A psychologist's take on being a PK and what helps them the most. Great insight and direction.

Ways To Make Moving More Fun For Kids A great general resource to make moving for school-aged PKs more enjoyable!

Preacher’s Kids: Their Unique Challenges and Battles Written by a pastor, a great read to know more about the unique PK life.

10 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Preacher's Kids A great eye-opener and introduction to potential issues that clergy kids might face while in ministry.

Books & Resources

Website: Lost Voices A minister from the UK discussing the 'lost voices' of PKs and their unique experiences.

Podcast: The Pastor’s Kids PodCast A great US channel for late-teen to young adult PKs. They chat about a wide range of topics and offer useful ways to address tricky problems. 

Book: The Pastor’s Kid (Barnabas Piper) A great, modern book about the ups & downs of being a clergy child.

Just For Laughs

10 Ways You Know You're A Pastor's Kid Fun and true! How many of these do you agree with?!