PK Place Answers

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Mystery Bible Code

Part One: You Are Part Of The Body!
Part Two: U Be U!

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Figure It Out

Figure 1:  I           Figure 4: G            Figure 7: U
Figure 2: T           Figure 5: R            Figure 8: R
Figure 3: S           Figure 6: 8             Figure 9: U!

The 9 Figures Spell: IT'S GR8 UR U!

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14-Point Star

The Answer is: Jesus' Birth Is Marked By A Star In Modern Day Bethlehem

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PK Place Passport

1) God was speaking to Joshua

2) Languages that inspired the PK Place passport

Vista: means "sight" in Portuguese

Odeur: means "smell" in French

Geshmack: means "taste" in German

Fuaim: means "sound" in Irish

Tocar: means "touch" in Spanish

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Mystery Pics

The 6 Letters Are: N Q U E I U
Unscrambled They Spell: UNIQUE

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