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Black Pancakes & Other Laughs

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person's strength" - Proverbs 17:22

Every now and then, when things are particularly busy, I need a good laugh.
I’m not talking about an intellectual/political/social-times kind of laugh, I mean a this-is-ridiculous-my-stomach-hurts-from-laughing kind of laugh. I’m sure you know the one I mean. Perhaps it’s a Snoopy cartoon, or a silly meme asking you to create your new superhero name using the colour of your pants and the last thing you ate (today, I’m Black Pancakes). Or maybe it’s a hilarious, but not quite appropriate, comedian. 

We all know the benefits of laughter in reducing stress, but I also find it adds a wonderful bit of perspective when things seem out of context or overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder though if you face the pressure to laugh at appropriate things when you’re in ministry or a leadership position. Confusingly, I find that the opinion of ‘appropriate’ varies significantly and can leave you unsure if the laugh you want to share is one that others might judge. I remember a ministry wife telling me ‘sometimes I just need a friend I can laugh with and let my hair down with every once in a while’ – how true! A friend you can laugh with is a wonderful and invaluable gift from God - especially if they know your quirky sense of humour is a great part of who you are!

So this is where I make a confession: when I need a good laugh, I have two favourites I go to in these busier ministry seasons. The first (much to my embarrassment!) is Veggie Tales Silly Songs with Larry, particularly the one I’ve included today! The second is the English comedian, Michael McIntyre, whose ability to observe and demonstrate the silliness of life always has me laughing.

I hope as November turns to Christmas thoughts, social events overflow, and the school or uni term wraps up, that you have a friend (or comedian) to unwind with, to share a laugh and a drink with; and find that the busier season a little bit simpler for it. And if you’d like to share a laugh, I’m always keen to hear what gives people a giggle – email me sometime!

~ Rachel