Relax Packs

Looking for something a bit different for your day off?!
Want to send a smile to someone in ministry?!

With the help of 6 talented local artists, our Relax Packs are filled with fun
and delicious treats, available to anyone in ministry around Australia.

Each package comes with custom-made art designsand crosswords, teas and coffees, some sweet treats, and a few other surprises! Great for
a day off, a nice surprise in the post,
moving day,
or even just a friendly hello.

Order a Relax Pack here, or if you'd like to nominate a church or ministry organisation, send us an email.

We have three Relax Pack options:

Just For You (Single)
Filled with 8 indulgent things to eat, do, and read. Designed to send a smile on a busy day!

Time For Two (Couple)
Includes 12 delicious and relaxing treats. Great for ministry couples who might enjoy some downtime.

Family Chillax Pack (Family)
Packed with 16 treats so there’s something for everyone! Perfect for a family day off.

Thanks to the following artists:
Amanda from KeLu ○ Angela McCullugh  Grizzwhiskers
Quill Photography ○ Like Minds ○ Milena S