2018 Reading List

Looking for a great read? Want to see what we're reading this year? Browse our 2018 Reading List and vote on the ones you'd like us to review or giveaway. We'll be reviewing these over the year and giving away some of the best ones. If you've got any resource recommendations, we'd love to hear from you.

Note: These aren't paid recommendations, we just think they look great! To learn more about them (and the best price we've found), click on an image.

1. You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes
 Being a clergy wife your way!

2. On Pastoring

Ministry advice from the heart to
the office

3. Breathing Room
Making room for balance and relationships

4. Church Coup
Learning from church politics
and conflict

5. The Family Life of a Christian Leader
Gentle advice for clergy families

6. On Being A Pastor
A road map for ministry challenges

7. Managing Stress in Ministry
Strategies for avoiding burnout in ministry


8. My Magical Life
Fitting in when you start
somewhere new (Read our Review)

9. Ministry Loves Company
Staying excited about church ministry


10. The Myth of Balance
Ready for the unexpected in ministry, life and work

11. Suffering in Silence

Talking about, and healing from, traumatic clergy family home situations


12. All Saints (True Story)
Trusting God's call when things
get tough


13. Sacred Privilege
Clergy's wife, not perfect wife!


14. The New Scapegoats
Do new laws hurt innocent clergy?


15. 10 Things Every Minister's
Wife Needs to Know

Life tips from clergy wives

16. What Pastors Wish Church Members Knew
What are pastors really thinking about ministry and church life?