We're excited to share our new range of personal, ministry, and family resources with you! Click on a link to explore our collection. *View our 2018 Reading List & vote on your favourites*

Visit each month for 8 minutes rest from the busyness of ministry and family life. Read a verse and reflection on a variety of guest writers and enjoy a bit of God's world through a video. Available 1st each month.

Catalyst is where we challenge the norm and explore the new. Read the latest here. Our official blog explores topics relating to clergy family life and works towards change to improve the well-being of clergy families around Australia.

We conduct independent research across Australia to better understand clergy family life and work towards change where it's needed.
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Each quarter we review and share 3 books, magazines, or DVDs about ministry or family life with clergy family members around Australia. Click here for more details.

Just some nice little somethings we send ministry individuals, couples & families to say thank you for their hard work and faithful ministry! Order one here

A quarterly e-magazine exploring various ministry and family topics, sharing resources & interviewing clergy families about life! Subscribe here.

The PK Place A space for school-aged clergy kids to enjoy some crafts, challenges, events and community! Run by Matt (and Jasper), check it out here.

We offer a range of practical supports for clergy families who might be having a hard time. These include gift cards, Christmas items and confidential support.