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Any resource we share (books, articles, websites, magazines etc) must be modern, relevant to ministry or family life, affordable (based on a standard clergy worker's salary) and applicable to everyday life without the need for expensive or unusual resources. They should be easy-to-read, approachable, (often) short and cover a wide range of opinions, both personal and theological.

Our main goal is not to encourage a particular biblical perspective or ethical stance. We do however stand firmly on the biblical truth of 1 Corinthians 12: 12-27, that as unique members of the Body of Christ, each person is valuable and important. This drives our search for quality resources to encourage and support those in ministry as they live the life He has called them and their families to.

Visit the following pages for reviewed resources:

Articles page (articles, tools & research)
Catalyst Blog (opinion pieces, interviews, resources)
Resource Giveaway (reviewed resources and sign up for giveaways)

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