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Crack it, cook it or make it to level up your skills...
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Current Fave: Inventor's Challenge

CapEgg  (5 skillz points)
Love cooking? Try whipping up a few of these for your family! This recipe will make four CapEggs.

You Need                                                            And These!
A medium-large sized capsicum                         Knife  
4 chicken eggs                                                    Chopping board
Oil or spray oil                                                     Frying pan
Salt & pepper                                                      Toaster 
4 slices of bread                                                  Egg flipper

Step 1: Carefully cut out 1cm thick capsicum rings
and take out all the seeds and white bits.
Step 2: Put a frying pan on medium heat and spray
it with oil. When it's hot, add your capsicum rings.
Step 3: Now carefully crack an egg into each capsicum ring - it doesn't matter if a bit spills out the sides!
Step 4: Wait until the egg white goes from clear to
white and then carefully flip it over. Cook for another minute before lifting the CapEggs onto a plate.
Step 5: Cook some toast, put a CapEgg on top of
each one, sprinkle with salt and pepper - and eat!

Challenge Level Up: Try this recipe with another vegetable #pkplace

Chain of Hearts (3 skillz points)
A cross between origami and quilling! Make this chain for your bedroom door.
You Need
A4 coloured paper (scrapbooking or stock card works well)
20cm ribbon

Step 1: Cut out 2.5cm wide strips from the long sideof a A4 page, then cut the strips in half (you get 16-18 strips from one page).
Step 2: Take your ribbon and make it into a loop. Staple the two ribbon ends between two strips of paper at one end (see picture 2).
Step 3: Fold the two loose ends of paper over the stapled end to form a heart-shape.
Step 4: Now, take 2 more strips and put one on
each side of the bottom of your heart (see picture 4) and staple together.
Step 5: Keep going until you end up with a long chair of hearts.
Step 6: You're finished! Hang your chain of hearts off your bedroom door.

Challenge Level Up: Try making this with 2 or more colours and see if you can make a wreath.

Inventor's Challenge (7 skillz points)
Calling all masterchefs! Make something great with this Invention Test next time people come to visit!

Open our Sweet and Savoury Invention Test Boxes and create a
brand new meal! You can only add basic pantry ingredients, such as milk, egg, cream, flour, salt, pepper, sugar, bread, and oil. What can you make in an hour?
Ready....Open Your Boxes!!

               The PK Savoury Box         The PK Sweet Box 
                            Chicken                                                                   Teddy Bear Biscuits
                            Lettuce                                                                    Apple
                            Plums                                                                      Chocolate Chips     
                            Red Onion                                                               Honey
                            Tasty Cheese                                                           A Lime

Don't forget to take a photo of your invention - and challenge someone else to take the test!

Challenge Level Up: Have a friend or family member create a 5-ingredient Invention test for you to take. #pkplace

Origami Bitsa Box (5 skillz points)
Fill it or share it! Use your folding skillz to make this nifty origami box.
You Need
Pens, pencils, stickers etc
Scrapbook or stock card
Copy Origami Box and instructions (printed on nice paper!)

Challenge Level Up: Make boxes for your friends - see if you can write their name on the bottom before folding it!