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Capsicum Egg

Love cooking? Try the easy Capsicum Egg!

Great for Sunday lunch and easy to add to. BYO strange friend for photo ops (btw, his name's Jazz...) - Matt

Chef Tip: Keep an adult around if you need a hand with chopping or flipping.

You Need (Makes 1 CapEgg)

* 1 ring of capsicum (use a med-large capsicum)
* 1 egg
* Cooking oil (spray oil is great)
* Salt & pepper (if you like it)
* Toast (if you like it)

Cooking Tools
* Chopping board
* Frying pan
* Chopping Knife
* Egg flipper


Use a different vegetable as the ring -
and let me know if it works! #pkplace

Step 1: Get your ingredients and cooking tools together

Chef Tip: Keep your hands clean so the
food tastes great!

Step 2: Carefully cut
out 1cm rings from your capsicum. Take out all the seeds and white bits from the middle.

Chef Tip: 1 Ring = 1 CapEgg. We got 4 rings from a medium capsicum!


Step 3: Put a frying
pan on a low heat on the stovetop. Add a bit of oil. Put your capsicum ring in the frying pan, ready to crack an egg into!

Chef's Tip: Keep the heat low or it might get
a bit smoky as it's cooking

Step 4: Crack an egg into the ring and add a bit of salt and pepper. Let your CapEgg cook until the clear egg white turns creamy (about 2-4 minutes).

Chef Tip: Don't worry if egg comes out the side!

Step 5: When the egg white is creamy, carefully lift it out of the pan and serve it on a plate! Eat and ENJOY!


Final Chef Tip: Also tasty
if you add toast or bacon;
or both!