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Code Writer

1-2 people

16-10-24-24-30! Doesn't make much sense, huh?
Well, not without the PK Place code!

Stay in touch with your PK friends over the term with
the PK Place code - and keep your code writing skills sharp by solving the Code Writer's Challenge on this page every now and then...

- Rachel

Download the PK Place code

Code Writer's Challenge by Matt

16-18-38  28-2-26-10  18-38  20-2-52-52
Answer: Visit the CapEgg SNAP it

Code Writer's Challenge by Rachel
12-18-28-8  "46-30-42-24-8  50-30-42  36-2-40-16-10-36"  18-28  32-22  24-18-12-10
Answer: Is within the PK Place
Code Writer Tips

* Make sure your friend has a copy of the code
or they might be able to crack it!
* Keep a pen and paper on hand when you're cracking a code.* Use spaces for separate words and dashes (-) between letters of each word. Tip: If you want an extra level to decipher, don't use spaces or dashes.


Design your own code. Tip: write out the alphabet, give each letter a different number
or symbol, share it with someone at home or
a friend and get code writing!