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Funky Colours

                                                    1-2 people

I love Colour Ins that you can frame or hang
on the door
. Try out one of my favourites or have a
go with one
that we had specially made for you!

If you'd like a new twist, use one of the Artist Tips.
Have Fun!
- Rachel


Click to download & print...

Artist Tips

* Print your colour in on a heavier gauge paper
to make a poster (try 100+ gsm)

* Only use 4 colours to decorate a whole picture

* Shading dark to light looks great on bigger areas

* Experiment with dots, squares or lines

* Paint a frame to match your picture, then hang it up!

* Give blending colours a go (pencils are great for this)

  Try colouring one with a brother or sister for the living room. Which colours will you choose?