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Heart Chain

1-2 people

Simple Way to Special Up Your Room!

 These chains of hearts are a great way to decorate
your room or a party. I made one
as a present to
hang on the door.
What will yours be like? :)

- Matt

You Need

* Different coloured scrapbook paper
* Stapler
* Ruler
* Pen
* 20cm ribbon
* Scissor

Turn one into a wreath. Use more than 3 colours. Can
you beat the Hall of Fame chain length?


Step 1: Using a ruler, cut out a bunch of paper strips measuring 11cm (long) x 2.5cm (wide).

Tip: 1 A4 page makes 16 strips.
16 strips = 8 hearts (2 per heart).

Step 2: Stack two strips on top of each other, with a loop of ribbon between them. Staple through the 2 strips and ribbon at one end (see picture)

Step 3: Bend the stapled strips around to meet the unstapled ends together, making a heart shape.

Step 4: Layer two new strips (one on each side of the staple) lining all 4 ends up together. Staple through all 4 strips (see picture)

Step 5: Repeat step 4, bending the stapled ends around and adding more layers until you reach the length of hearts you like. To finish, staple the last 2 ends together. Hang up!

Tip: If they lose a bit of their shape, gently press down in the middle of the heart to reshape it!

Thanks MakeZine for the inspiration!