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Laser Maze

                                                    1-6 people

Can You Make It Through The Lasers??

I love this type of maze, it's so easy to get started. Can you escape doom or take the treasure?! Just last week
I escaped from a dungeon hideout, a high-tech bank vault, and a hidden lair.

Have a great time!
- Matt

You Need

* Coloured wool or string
* Blu-tac
* A clock or stopwatch
* A big space or hallway
* A Treasure (chocolate, donuts or pizza work)

Challenge mum or dad to beat the laser maze! Can they beat the Hall of Fame speed record? 


Step 1: Start your maze by tying the string to something sturdy like a chair, table leg, or door handle. 

Step 2: Pull the string tight across to another point across
the room or hallway and
tie orblu-tac it in  place.

Step 3: Zig Zag your string around the space to make a laser pattern. Tip: Leave plenty of space to get through your maze!

Step 4: Tie the string off at the end of your laser maze, put a treasure in place and you're ready to start!

Step 5: Start at the beginning of your maze
and time how quickly you can get through. For an extra challenge, if you touch the laser you start again.