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Mini Pancakes


Master the Mini Pancake then add whatever flavour
you like! Make a huge stack for your family, friends,
or morning tea at church. We've shared our very own recipe with you so if you like it, let us know.

Also, if you beat my Hall of Fame record, I'll be
really impressed!

- Matt


You Need (makes up to 18 mini pancakes)

* 1 Egg
* 1 Cup of Milk
* 1 Cup of Plain Flour
* 1 Pinch of Salt
* Your choice of flavouring (we like choc
chips, mango, cheese or BBQ chicken)
* Margarine

And these things!

* Whisk
* Tablespoon
* Fry Pan
* Egg flip
* A BIG Appetite


Step 1: Add milk, flour, salt and egg into a mixing bowl and whisk until smooth

Step 2: Stir through your choice of flavoring

Step 3: Add margarine to hot fry pan, and dollop your pancake mix into the pan with a tablespoon

Chef Tip: Make sure the pan isn't too hot so that the mix doesn't spit when you put it in!

Step 4: Cook until brown on both sides (watch for the bubbles - it takes about a minute a side)

Chef Tip: Use an egg flipper to flip pancakes, they make flipping easy and safe!

Step 5: Eat & Enjoy! :)

How many pancakes can you make? How many can you EAT? See if you can break Matt's Hall
of Fame
record. #pkplace