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NewsPaper Throw

                                                        2-6 people
I'm a pretty good throw, but not as good as the
Hall of Fame record holder.

Scrunch up some old newspapers, magazines or
wrapping paper to see if you can knock a cup of water off a friends' (or mum or dads') head! It's a lot harder than it looks... - Rachel

You Need
* Newspaper, magazines or wrapping paper
* A plastic cup filled with water
* Tape or chalk (to mark a line)
* Ruler

* If you like, a raincoat!


Try throwing from 4 meters back! If you beat
the record, let us know (it's a tough one
to crack)

Throwing Rules
* Only use a plastic cup

* Mark a line about 3m away from where the cup wearer will be standing
* Works best outdoors on a non-slippery surface!

Tip: For best results, aim above the
head, not at the face!