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                                                    1-6 people
Test your Seeker Skills
. Ever done a scavenger hunt? Find all the bits and if you're up for it, turn what you find into a sculpture or 3D artwork. Work in teams to race each other or on your own.

I'm not sure, but I think my 3D art is fishing but, well
you can see for yourself!

- Rachel


Seekers, Find AND Use:

* 1 business card
* 1 colorful plastic bag
* 1 tissue box
* 4 different leaves
* 1 plastic lid

* 5 coloured pencils
* Something the same colour as
bedroom floor
* 2 rubber bands
* 1 piece of blue fabric
* 30cm of red wool or string
* Scissors
* Tape and/or glue

 Know someone who
might be a Seeker?

Send them this SNAP it!

Beat the Hall of Fame speed record.
Create a 3D art to hang off your bag.