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1-4 people

Straws and newspaper. Pretty bendy. Not very strong. Who would try building with them? Well...we would! :)

Make a table strong enough to hold a cup of water without spilling a single drop!

This one works best with a friend - or 3!
  - Matt

You Need

* 50 pack of plastic or paper straws

* 1 old newspaper or magazine

* 1 roll of sticky tape

* A plastic cup (filled with water)


Got the tallest table? Now try for the strongest - enough to hold 2 cups.

Tip-Table Challenge

Create a table that's strong enough to hold up a cup of water. Doesn't matter what it looks like, it just has to hold that cup - AND you can

only use straws, newspaper and 1 roll of sticky tape.
Once it's strong enough, how tall a tip-table can you make? Aim to beat our Hall of Fame record.

I shouldn't tell you, but it helps to stick
it to the ground...