Spouse Life

We hope these provide you with some food for thought and inspire some thought-provoking conversations. We'll continue adding reviewed articles regularly to the Clergy Spouse Library.

The results of our clergy family research which explores what life is like in a clergy family and the affect ministry has on spouses and children in Australia.

A beautifully balanced article written by a clergy wife who grew up as a PK. An encouraging view of the joys and challenges of being a ministry wife.

12 Reasons Pastor’s Wives are Lonely

Helpful read to understand pastor's wives experience of loneliness.

What's It Like Being A Pastor's Husband?

A great insight into navigating the role and setting your own guidelines.

When Your Wife Resents Your Call
An honest article discussing the impact a ministry calling can have on a marriage if it isn't shared (finishing with some encouraging ideas!)

10 Thankyou's From A Pastor
Written by a thankful minister to all the hardworking spouses out there. Encouraging and understanding!

7 Things Pastors’ Wives Wish They Had Been Told Before They Became Pastors’ Wives
An honest, behind-the-scenes article.

Orthodox America: The Shadow of a Priest
A brief article exploring the life of a priest’s wife in the Orthodox church.

*new* The Typical Pastor's Wife is Dead
An encouraging read about the difficulties of expectations and the joy of finding your own path as a 'typical' woman, not pastor's wife.

A Six-Step Strategy on How to Say No...Nicely
A great article for one of the hardest aspects of ministry! While written for those in leadership, it gives you helpful and kind ideas that are easy to implement.

Clergy Wives Suffering Overload
Explores Australian clergy wives' experiences of expectations and being overloaded with responsibilities.

An honest insight into not quite fitting in the same way as clergy wives.

Women Married to Pastors
While each situation is unique, pastor's spouses have a lot in common. This article explores  expectations, finances and loneliness.

The Problems Facing a Pastor’s Wife Today
A great article exploring current issues for pastor's wives with helpful biblical references.

Spouses in Ministry: Their Role
Worth a read if you'd like to know more about the roles clergy spouses play in ministry.

A Day In The Life Of A Female Pastor's Husband
A great personal experience and insight into difficulties clergy husband's face with people accepting their wives as clergy.

*new* I'm Ted and I'm Married To Your Minister
A refreshing article about how the call of ministry can be unexpected, unpredictable! The writer also includes some great perspectives on sexism that women, and their husbands, can face while in ministry.

This is an encouraging read for people who want to better understand just how unusual the role of clergy spouse is! Great research is included.

What Pastor’s Wives Wished Their Husbands and Churches Knew About Them

A great, honest list from pastor's wives around Australia.

A Pastor’s Wives’ Skit!
A funny play on gap filling and job roles of a pastor's wife! Great to read to know you're not alone.

Recognising Pastor’s Wives
A great chapter discussing the importance of recognising the struggles and works of clergy wives.

20 Things Every Pastor’s Wife Wants You To Know About Her
A great list of insights about expectations and dealing with the difficulties of ministry life.

Looking for some ideas for your role as a clergy husband? What do you think of these suggestions?