Still Waters

Grab a cuppa, pull up a chair and browse this collection of Still Waters from the wonderful ministry community, Bush Church Aid. Still Waters magazines cover a wide range of subjects and have been thoughtfully collated as a resource and support for those in ministry around Australia. You'll find interviews, book reviews, health tips, ministry advice and even a few puzzles! Keep an eye on this page, or contact BCA, for new editions as they're released.
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*New* Winter 2018 (31 pages)
Life in ministry & The Lor'd's Prayer

This issue focuses on the testimony of some amazing
BCA ministry workers, includes reflections from a number of people on the Lords’ Prayer, and finishes with an article about how Australian Clergy Families began, and what we hope to achieve.

Autumn 2018 (24 pages)
Winning Australia for Christ, prayer & God's glory

This edition takes a look at seeking out the forgotten, reflecting God’s glory, and the importance of prayer in the obscure locations ministry
workers often find themselves in.


Autumn 2016 (16 pages)*
Food, ministry & hospitality

This Still Waters comes with testimonies about God’s provision during kitchen disasters, a book review to help with hospitality, a cooking website recommendation, favourite meals, and reflections on the nature, importance and practicalities of hospitality in the home and the church.


Spring 2015 (15 pages)*
Peace, conflict and personal growth

You'll find reflections on bringing peace to conflicted relationships in this edition, including advice from personal experience, a book review investigating the restorative nature effect that Jesus has in relationships, and the course “Peacewise”, that looks at encouraging personal growth.

Summer 2014 (12 pages)*
Finding support during your ministry journey

This edition of Still Waters looks at pastoral supervision, the value of psychologists, fellow ministry spouses, and friendship groups as supports during ministry. It also explores what support can look like through personal stories and lays out a few ideas for the Christmas season.


Summer 2012 (26 pages)
This edition includes a great Christmas cake recipe, stories for church and suggestions for self care over this busy time. There's also interviews with bishops’ spouses, a Bible college worker, and a look at the best use of story telling in children's ministry and beyond.


Autumn 2017 (58 pages)
God's plans, life seasons and facing the unexpected

This issues reflects on the plan that God has for His people throughout different life stages. The stories touch on themes of singleness, marriage, kids, infertility, retirement, reconciliation, grief and unexpected changes in plan
while you’re in ministry.

Spring 2017 (31 pages)
Change, transitions and cross-cultural ministry

Changes, both small and large, is the theme of this edition. Articles explore transition times and skills to navigate them, unexpected new beginnings, personal growth in cross-cultural ministry and a book review of the history and growth of Australian Aboriginal Christian communities.


Autumn 2014 (12 pages)
Hospital care, evangelism and cross-cultural evangelism

This issue explores pastoral care in the hospital context, a number of perspectives on evangelism and experiences of sharing the gospel, ministering to those within the Islamic faith, a book review of "Becoming a Contagious Christian" and even a Sudoku!


Autumn 2013 (48 pages)
Walking through depression while in ministry

The realities of depression are explored in this edition with personal stories and poetry. There is also a range of listening tips and advice for those going through depression during their ministry.

Spring 2013 (14 pages)

Work, rest & health in ministry
This issues has plenty of tips on healthy eating, as well as an honest story from a PK who shares her struggle with and recovering from eating disorders and depression. It also covers finding a work/rest balance and discusses spouses working outside ministry.

Summer 2013 (10 pages)*
Mission & ministry

This edition of Still Waters includes some real insights into ministry where things don’t quite go to plan (!), as well as a section on the ‘Swizknits’ craft group in Pymble, NSW and a book review of the "Jesus Storybook Bible".