Still Waters Magazines

The ministry community at Bush Church Aid share their collection of Still Waters magazines, written specially for those in ministry around Australia.

Browse their collection and enjoy some amazing stories, great advice, fun puzzles, book reviews - and more. 

Please note: Some articles deal with important but sometimes difficult subjects.
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Winter (31 pages)
Ministry Life & The Lord's Prayer Encouraging ministry testimonies, reflections on the Lords’ Prayer, and a ministry life piece from ACF.
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Spring (31 pages)
Transitions in Life & MInistry Skills to navigate change,  personal growth in ministry, and a book review about Aboriginal Christian communities.
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Autumn (16 pages)
Hospitality & Ministry
God’s help in kitchen disasters, a hospitality book review, cooking websites and reflecting on the importance of hospitality.
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Summer (12 pages)
Supporting Ministry Families The value of Pastoral Supervision,  psychologists, ministry spouses, and friendship groups for support in a ministry context.
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Summer (10 pages: best read printed)

Ministry, Mission & Mishaps! When things don't go to plan, meet the NSW ‘Swisknits’ and a book review of the Storybook Bible.
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Autumn (48 pages)
God's Help Through Depression Explores  depression through poetry, and advice for those going through depression while in ministry.
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Autumn (24 pages)
Winning Australia for Christ Seeking out
the forgotten, reflecting God’s glory, and the importance of prayer in the obscure ministry locations.

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Autumn (58 pages)
God's Plan in Life's Stages Personal stories of singleness, marriage, kids, infertility, grief and unexpected changes in plan while in ministry. Start Reading


Spring (16 pages)
From Conflict to Peace
Lessons learned from conflict, the restorative effect Christ in relationships, and the Peacewise course for growth in conflict.
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Autumn (12 pages)
Brave for the Gospel Hospital ministry; evangelism; ministering to Muslims & Becoming a Contagious Christian reviewed.
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Spring (14 pages)
Healthy Eating, Life & Challenges Food tips, work/rest balance, work outside of ministry, and a PK recovering from her eating disorder with God's help.
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Summer (26 pages)
The Christmas Edition
A cake recipe, stories for church, and ideas for self care. Also great interviews with clergy spouses and a Bible college worker.
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