Tag It!

  Each school holiday we've got a fresh puzzle, DIY,        invention or Mystery Trip for you to try with your family and PK friends. Each one gives you the chance to earn a Summer Mystery Box!*

                 Finish the tasks to earn the points!


TAG 04 starts 14th December! Check back soon for more info.

Are you ready to TAG it?!

GRAB a copy of the Holiday TAG it Quest, FINISH the challenges, TALLY your points, and EARN extra Level Ups with other PKs or your family!

Download the 2018 Tally Card

T: Tackle
every holiday challenge to earn your points

A: Aim High. Want extra points? Try the Level Up challenges with friends or family

G: Get In Touch: Once you've earned 30+ points, send us your tally card to grab your Mystery Box!*                        

Got a question? Completed your Tally Card?! 
Email Matt or Rachel at info@australianclergyfamilies.com

Summer Mystery Box Hint: You bring the water, we'll add the balloons!

* TAG It Summer Mystery Boxes are open to all school-aged PKs around Australia! If you're in another country, don't worry. You can still earn the points to receive a Summer eBOX (same thing, but we'll email it to you!). The Summer Mystery Box is an exclusive box of summer goodies, a massive quest and...we've already said too much! When you send in a tally card, make sure you include your name and an address to send yours to
(1 box per person).